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Hello, I'm Bernie Morris: author, poet, cruciverbalist, astrologer, editor and, just recently, small publisher. Bronwyn: the sheep character who inspired this project was created by myself and Colleen Thatcher, a dear departed colleague, and I am continuing to use this image in her memory.
With a variety of creative offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy just browsing us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
In the near future, we will be publishing all our current 'little' books on Amazon. This will comprise most of Bernie's writing, that is: stuff that's been gathering cobwebs on her PC for umpteen years, while she was wondering what to do with it. We will also be publishing the finished works of our new, up-and-coming authors, once we have got them through the editing process and persuaded them to take the plunge.
I would just like to mention Terry Callister who is doing a very fine job of promoting new authors and deserves every mention for his dedicated work.
Our other creative ideas include: Acrostic poems for name meanings. These can be printed on an attractive background and framed for boys or girls. They make great presents for new babies, or rather, their parents. We also do mini-horoscopes for babies which, again, can be framed on a 'starry' background and given as presents.
We do greeting card designs and verses to order and some of these will be included in our picture gallery when we've worked out how to do it.
Bernie currently sells her crossword puzzles to a London agent, who then owns the copyright, but that doesn't mean she can't post one (previously unpublished) on here,  now and again, for your amusement.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
Baa for now...